Sunshine Village Newsletter – January 2014

Sunshine Village publishes newsletters for our residents and guests. Click on the picture to open the January 2014 edition.

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(On 1/27/2014 this edition was replaced with the current revised edition, fixing an incorrect link and a date that was incorrect.)


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CALL:  (352) 793 – 8626

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2 Responses to Sunshine Village Newsletter – January 2014

  1. You were saddened about the lack of response to your survey. If we had known about the survey more people may have answered. Also everyone in the park does not have a computer so a written survey might have better results.

    • Thank you for your comment, Lynda. The survey was in the December edition of our newsletter, which was both printed and placed here online. It’s my hope everybody received a printed copy; we do the online as a handy reference for later and for those who aren’t onsite. But we’ll keep at it. There are more ways to ask and listen than just through a survey. 😉

      (By the way, sorry for the delay. I was offline a few days with travel.)

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